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As promised, I'm making an initial post to share some favorite comics artists, and I'd love for you to do the same.

Embed or link in the comments below - or make a separate entry as you please - and it's up to you whether or not you say much of anything about why you like the artist's work.

(Note: it struck me as I was checking over the coding for this post that all three works make extensive use of...the color brown. I swear I like other colors. Really!)

My first pick - and really only the second comics artist I ever took any notice of - is David Aja. A Spanish artist, who came into comics after some time as a professional illustrator and art teacher, Aja was probably best known until recently for his work on Immortal Iron Fist, but at the moment, it's his work on Hawkeye with the writer Matt Fraction that's drawing the most interest:

A page from Hawkeye, issue 3 )

I mentioned that Aja was the second comics artist I took notice of. The first was Dave McKean.

McKean is known for many things, but for me, he's always going to be associated with Neil Gaiman's Sandman, which was the first comic series (or should I be saying "graphic novels?) I gave more than a passing glance to between my childhood and...last year.

The cover of the Sandman volume 'Brief Lives' )

And finally (not that I couldn't include another half dozen favorites) is Paolo Rivera, who I met at New York Comic Con (2012) and...okay, I had absolutely no idea who he was when I met him (I had no idea who anybody was that I met at NYCC), but the prints on his table drew me in. This was the one I really wanted though:

A mock-up of a movie poster for Captain America: the First Avenger )

Okay, so that's that, at least for the time being. Your turn!
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Kieron Gillen as a comics writer is a bit hit or miss for me. Despite liking him a great deal as his real world self (blog entries, podcast interviews, Q&A's at ComicCon), I love some of his comics writing (the Kid!Loki run of Journey Into Mystery, for example), but am left fairly cold by some of his other work (I tried with the current run of Iron Man, ended up kind of boring me and I abandoned it).


A few months ago, I read the main series of Allan Heinberg's 2005 Young Avengers and fell in love with these [mostly] super-powered teenagers who stepped in to fill the hero void left by the adult Avengers in the wake of Marvel's "Disassembled" storyline.

When a new run of Young Avengers was announced - to be written by Gillen - I was cautiously optimistic.

SPOILERS for Issue #1 of 2013's Young Avengers )


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