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Morning Glories is a comic book series published by Image Comics. Described by writer Nick Spencer as "Runaways meets Lost," the series focuses on six "brilliant but troubled" new recruits at Morning Glory Academy, a prestigious prep school hiding "sinister and deadly" secrets

Oh my Gosh, this series is SO CONFUSING. Everything is crazy and confusing, but i'm definitely not going to give up on it because the Writers said that once you've read it all, it'll come back around once the run is over and explain everything.

Its centered around 6 students, Casey, Jade, Hunter, Zoe, Jun & Ike. I won't go into much detail of them because SPOILERS everywhere, but they are the new students of the academy.

I'm not a huge Lost fan, but i can see how this series is likened to it, there are SO MANY QUESTIONS, and time travel! and Religious undertones, all mixed in with kids being kids, really.

I would absolutely recommend this run to anyone who wants to be shocked and confused. I read it all in one go and couldn't put it down. I'm also hoping someone has read it because I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.


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