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Welcome to Comics Reviews, ETC. a community created for reviews and discussions about comics (new and old, single issue and complete runs, digital and trade paperback). It's likely that Marvel and DC comics will get the most attention in this community, but posts about comics from all publishers (Dark Horse, Image, IDW, independents, etc) are absolutely fine.

(Initially, this community will concentrate on western comics; manga, etc may be added later)

If you want to include an image or two in your post - or add a reference a comics-related film/t.v. show - that's fine, but remember that the focus of this community is reviews and discussions of comic books, and all posts must reflect that.


* Subject Heading should include Book Title, Volume/Issue(s), Writer's Last Name.

* Once a specific comic issue/trade paperback entry has been posted, please keep all related discussion to the comments section of that entry. Needless to say, if you'd like to discuss a later issue (or issues) of the same title, feel free to post a new entry.

* Note to original posters: differences of opinion about the comics you're reviewing are going to happen and yes, you're going to see them as replies to your posts. Rebut those opinions or ignore them, but no deleting of comments, please. If you believe a comment is a flame (or contains hate speech, etc), please PM the Mod.

* Feel free to introduce your posts as you wish, but...ALL discussion of the book/series must go under a cut, since everything's going to be a spoiler to somebody, no matter how old the title is. Posts will be moderated to ensure the community remains spoiler free.

* (adapted from scans_daily) Any post that contains potentially triggery discussion - such as extreme violence/gore, sexual violence, abuse, self-harm, and offensive and oppressive content - must include adequate warning.

---> My own note: Because such warnings may constitute spoilers about the issues in question, I'm going to ask that all warnings appear below the cut, but with 15 blank lines between the warning and the main text of the entry.

Good Post Topics

* Single Issue Review (e.g., Justice League, Volume 2, Issue #15)
* Multiple Issue Discussion (e.g., Captain Marvel, Issues #1 to #8)
* Trade Paperback Review / Discussion (e.g., Fables 3: Storybook Love)
* Entire Series Analysis (e.g., Neil Gaiman's Sandman - All)
* Comparison of two or more of a Creator's works (Kieron Gillen's Loki run in Journey into Mystery and the current Iron Man run.)

Not-So-Good Post Topics

* Tom Hiddleston is so adorable! (despite the fact that this is mostly true *g*)
* Here's a link to my new Batman songvid.
* Does anybody have recs for fic relating to Marjorie Liu's Black Widow: The Name of the Rose?
* I have a question about...

* If your primary interest in comics is visual, check out the excellent scans_daily.

If you're interested in general meta conversations relating to the Avengers only (all versions, but centered on films from the MCU), check out the also-excellent metavengers.

For discussions of miscellaneous comics topics, try noscans_daily.

And if anon memes are your thing, there's a new comics discussion meme at comicsmod.

Date: 2012-12-29 03:36 am (UTC)
elf: Tim as Robin, with text, "Robin--I could write a book about Robin." (Robin)
From: [personal profile] elf
In between issue/series reviews and misc. fannish topics only tangentially related to comics, there's a wide range of other topics. How good are post topics like:

* Robin's costume changes over time (and on different people)
* Pre- vs post-Crisis Jason Todd
* No Man's Land as a setting for fanfic
* Favorite published crossovers
* Previously-unknown relatives (either general concept, or relating to specific characters)

Those are all topics that relate to "how did this-or-that issue or set of issues cover the topic," but aren't specifically reviews/commentary on the issues themselves. Are you looking for those kinds of discussions, or would you prefer them shunted to [ profile] noscans_daily and keep this one for issue and multi-issue storyline discussions?

Date: 2012-12-29 04:48 pm (UTC)
salinea: (Default)
From: [personal profile] salinea
I know some people aren't active on noscans because it's on LJ rather than DW (I think elf might be one of them?)


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