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I am constantly surprised at how much I adore this run. I'm simultaneously sort-of dragging myself through Brubraker's CA, and it's becoming harder and harder to go back to it because this version of Cap is so much more fun.

It's creepy and disturbing, but also has this sort of gentleness to it that comes from the focus on parent-child relationships thus far, both from the Steve+Ian and Steve+Sarah scenes.

Steve Rogers and his adopted kid slash partner in crime, Ian

I am still a comics n00b, and my first foray into the genre was with titles that were a bit more invested in day to day realities. Two of the first things I read were the Extremis arc of Iron Man and Miles Morales from Ultimate Comics: Spiderman. Even though they inhabit this fantastic universe, the stories themselves are still invested in issues such as developing serious sounding ~skience~ to back up their plots, and Miles' charter school adventures. But I love that Remender has thrown that out the door for now in favor of diving headfirst into the more headtrippy aspects of this genre. Dr. Zola's head speaking from within Cap's chest! His weird lab of scientific horrors! The Phrox! And the art backs it up, too--the characters often have oddly disproportionate bodies, and the Dimension Z is done in the vivid magentas and greens reminiscent of the kind of sci-fi novel covers published in the 70s.

The acid-tinged weirdness of Dimension Z is a great backdrop to Steve's relationship with Ian, the baby he rescued from Zola's lab in the beginning of the series. By the time issue #4 rolls around, Ian is a budding hero in his own right. I love watching Steve teaching his adopted son how to duck and roll and shoot aliens. Of course, this is all much easier for Steve than having Emotional Conversations about the fate of Ian's mother at the hands of Dr. Zola. Add that on top of the flashback that rounds out #4, when Steve struggles with how to keep his ailing mother in medicine and roof over their head, and I left all dignity behind as to indulge in a few moments of, "awwww Steeeeve".

Remender's Captain America is one of the few titles I'm currently reading where I am caught in a state of "what will happen next?" How will they get out of the Dimension Z? Will Ian stick with Cap once they leave the only life they've ever known? And for that matter, what the heck is going on back on normal Earth, anyway??

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I'm really enjoying this arc way more than I expected, and I think the relationship between Steve and Ian is a big part of it. The focus on Steve as a dad is a genuinely new and unexpected place to take the character, and I really love it.

I'm betting that time will turn out to run differently in Dimension Z as well, so Steve will get back and it will have only been a couple days or weeks on earth.


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