Dec. 30th, 2012

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I'll admit it: before this recent crop of Marvel superhero movies started to get released into the world, I had no idea who Hawkeye was.

Or the Black Widow.

Or even Captain America (although with him, I'd at least heard the name)

In fact, before this year, apart from two fairly recent encounters with modern-ish titles (Sandman and Fables), my only knowledge of comics ended decades ago with a few Archie comics bought with my hard-earned allowance and a stack of DC discards, given to me by an older cousin (Krypto the Super Dog was my favorite!)

But when The Avengers came out, I fell hard for Hawkeye. This was tangentially related to my fannish feelings for Jeremy Renner, but it definitely developed independently and intensified as I started to work my way through as many old Marvel titles featuring Hawkeye as I could find.

And then came Matt Fraction's Hawkeye )
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I posted this on tumblr and my dw right after issue #2 came out, but it didn't really get any conversation going, I'm hoping to have better luck here.

I loved Ed Brubaker's entire run on Captain America, and so was very nervous when I found out he was leaving the series. Brubaker's run and specifically the Winter Soldier arc was my gateway into the entire non-X-Men side of Marvel comics. I've been reading X-Men stuff for years, but had made the firm decision to not even peek into the rest of the universe for the sake of my wallet. And then I fell in love with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes and...yeah. There went that one.

When Rick Remender was announced as the new writer for Cap and interviews and stories started appearing describing the completely different direction he planned to take the series in I became a bit more hopeful, but still decidedly trepidatious.

Spoilers were quite pleasantly surprised. At length. )


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